Mario Quilt (Christmas Reveal)

I haven’t really been able to pick a favorite out of all the quilts I made for Christmas, but if I had to choose one, this might be it. Or my Dad’s which is only half finished, so it’s really too early to say…

My brother is a bit of a gamer. By a bit I mean he spends hours on his computer every day. You get him and my oldest brother together and they’ll sit in the same room, with their laptops, shooting comments about the game back and forth. They usually try to get me sucked in too, but alas I have things called children whom need to be fed and bathed and what-not. No more Runescape for me guys. (I think I just revealed how much of a true nerd I am…) Back when we were younger and still banned from playing games on the computer (we had a bad history of games crashing our computer…), we spent our days running around eating mushrooms and flying… on Super Mario 3 that is.πŸ˜‰

So one day I’m scrolling through Pinterest, and I see this crocheted Mario blanket. Um, hello lightbulb! Since the blanket was made up of individually crocheted squares, I knew I could just cut squares of fabric and piece them together in the same pattern. Easy project, big wow factor. My favorite.πŸ˜‰ Admittedly, I found this less than a week before his birthday and was trying to figure out how I could scramble and throw it together in under a week. Thankfully, my Mom talked me down and convinced me to save it for a Christmas present.Β 

Mario Quilt by The Little Waffleflower


In case anyone is wondering, I sketched my design on graph paper, separated it into 12 sections. I would work on one section at a time to make a block, and then sewed all my bigger blocks together. Pretty simple! My finished squares were 4″ (4 1/2″ unfinished.) I semi-freehanded the M and circle with a water-soluble pen before quilting.Β 

Mario Quilt by The Little Waffleflower


I really loved the back and how the quilting pattern really stuck out. This particular kind of minky is fickle to take pictures as you can see here. It really is all one lovely charcoal color, but the camera picked up all the shading from where my hands had run across it. Ah well! (See THIS post for my tip for super cheap minky backing.) I did find this super fantastic fabric right before I pieced the backing together, but it was too late to change at that point… BUT! Not for you if you decide to make one, so I’ll pass it on. This designer on Spoonflower has tons of different designs inspired by the original NES controllers and device, which is what we played Mario on the most.

Mario Quilt by The Little Waffleflower


My brother was a little bit speechless when he opened this bad boy up. By that point he knew he was getting a blanket, but I don’t think this was quite what he expected! If you end up making your own Mario quilt, I would of course love to see it!:) Anyone else have memories of playing Mario or other NES or SNES games as a kid?

6 thoughts on “Mario Quilt (Christmas Reveal)

  1. Awesome! I love the quilted M, you did great! I have loads of silly memories revolving around Mario and other games. One of my favorites was when my cat attacked the tv chasing after the mouse on MarioArt. It was almost more fun to torment the cat than to play!

      • I don’t know what the brand is. I’ve used 2 different blue ink (water soluble) ones. One was meant for quilting and one for embroidery. I got them both at Joanns, and wasn’t too fond of the one for quilting so I pulled out what was left from an embroidery project I did last year. (Found it in the notions section by the pins/needles I think.) The quilting one was too light colored, and ran out REALLY fast. I’ve tried the marking pencils too and never had much luck with those. I hope that helps?

  2. Mario Bros. was my jam! Once I mastered the game I would just play it over and over. After learning how to “milk the turtle” (have no clue how that phrase started) at the end of the third level, I felt invincible. I had so many lives my game would never end. I just saved the princess over and over! Lol! Loved that game. This quilt is great. That “M” is icing on the cake. You really were on a roll!

    • I had to look that term up on youtube to see what you were talking about… I had no idea you could do that! I guess they probably mean milking it for easy points? We never got far in that games, but it was still fun to play with my brothers.:) Thanks too! This was super fun to put together.:)

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