Sewing Bucket List For 2014

On Friday Rachel from Family Ever After shared her 2014 sewing goals. It’s inspired me to make my own bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish this year. I’ve had a list bouncing around in my head, but hopefully if I post it here, I’ll remember to look at it and actually get some of these things done! I’ve learned a lot about sewing in the last year, and I hope to keep that ball rolling this year. So here goes…


The Weekender Travel Bag

Bohemian Carpet Bag


Pajamas (for boys)

Hoodies (for boys)

Summer outfits (for boys)

Ties (for boys)

Little girl dress (to put away? haha)

Formal dress (big or small, any volunteers?)

Getaway Blouse

Maxi Skirt



Triangle Quilt

Hexagon Quilt

Strip Quilt (Maybe just start this one, I’m not sure I have enough scraps.)

Paper pieced blocks/quilt

Cathedral Window Wall Hanging or Quilt

Other Stuff

Hot pads

Christmas ornaments/stockings/tree skirt

Cover for sewing machine and serger

Ironing board cover


I’m quite sure there’s more I can’t think of, and a few projects I’m working out myself… So I better beat down the list of projects still hanging around from last year so I can get to work. What are you planning to work on this year? Any new techniques you want to learn or try? I always love hearing what you all are up too! Happy Monday!:)

2 thoughts on “Sewing Bucket List For 2014

  1. My list is about as long as yours and with a few of the same things on it… pot holders, wall quilts, ironing board cover, purses and bags… a few of the other things are: little zippered pouches, floor poufs, finish a couple of quilts, make a couple of king-size quilts, aprons, a shower curtain, sprocket pillows, a mail bag and quiet book for your boys, fabric baskets, pillow cases, reusable “paper” towels (just ‘cuz they look so darn cute!), ottoman slipcover… and the list goes on. I am trying to get as much of it done as possible before the weather changes and I am outdoors tending the garden spaces. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing. #2 Mom

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