Thankful Thursday

I know it’s technically not Thursday anymore, but I didn’t get a chance to share yesterday. Better late than never!

Today I’m most thankful for moments.

I’m thankful for funny moments in the hair salon when a spunky 5-year-old tells his stylist everyone will think he looks stylish now.  I am most especially thankful that he allows her to cut his hair after he began refusing to allow Mom, Dad, Grandma, etc. to do it at home.  I’m thankful that the cute girl who cuts his hair eats up his constant talking and random thoughts and thinks he’s just a doll.

I am thankful for silly moments shared over frozen yogurt.  There’s not much frozen yogurt and silly faces can’t cure!

I am thankful for moments of thought and reflection on car rides, even if they’re short and broken up by constant questions from the back seat.

I am thankful for moments of surprise when you discover your favorite local pizza place has gluten-free crust and its GOOD! I am thankful that we can still enjoy a night out as a family despite our little munchkins recently discovered gluten intolerance.

I am also thankful for quiet moments at the end of the day when the world just melts away for a few minutes and there’s a chance to breathe and unwind from the day.

And since I can’t post about being thankful without posting a ton about my kids, I’m thankful for silly smiles, laughter, and the funny things kids say. Have a great Friday everyone!:)

One thought on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I’m thankful for your thankfuls:) I’m also thankful that you share your munchkins with us. They are sweet and amazing little boys and we love them dearly. Love ya! 2nd Mom

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