Abstract Triangle Quilt (Christmas Reveal

My family is sharing yet another round of sickies. Yay.. I think I’ve had enough head colds to last me a lifetime plus some. Thankfully today I’m starting to feel a little better and I can actually form thoughts.

Anywho, you’re here for the quilt right? Trying to find something for this particular brother drove me crazy. He’s in that weird transitional phrase where he’s still a kid but doesn’t like kiddish things. I also absolutely hate trying to find prints for boys. Solution? Use solid colors. Obvious right? The problem is I have this inability to keep things simple. My Mom apologized to my hubby for the amount of time it took me to make all the quilts, and said when she recommended it she imagined simple squares, and each blanket being done in an afternoon or two. My brother promptly responded, “Not in this family!” I don’t know where the deep-rooted perfectionist streak comes from, but my brain works in over-the-top plans and I still hem and haw over the minor imperfections. It’s my goal this year to ease up on that and try my best and accept whatever that is.

Back to the quilt. I literally put off buying the fabric for this one as long as I could because I just had no idea what to do. Finally I decided I would do some sort of triangle quilt in yellow, black, gray, and perhaps white, the first 2 being his favorite colors. So I moseyed on over to my quilting board on Pinterest. I saw this quilt and nearly jumped off my chair in joy. It was exactly what I was looking for! I also realized that a LOT of the quilts I had pinned at that point where from Crafty Blossom. I am officially in love with just about everything she does and loved just flipping through her site. I also loved her simple approach to quiltling with straight lines, and used it for this quilt and several others.

Abstract Triangle Quilt by The Little Waffle Flower

This was my 2nd quilt made with HST. I seriously need to do some more research into those and see why they were such a big pain in the butt. Or maybe they ARE just a big pain in the butt. Haha. I usually find ironing relaxing. Ironing half square triangles however makes me quite crazy. Maybe someday we can develop a more loving friendship… They make such cool quilts!

Abstract Triangle Quilt by the Little Waffleflower

The really fun part about this quilt was I got to be completely random and it made itself awesome. It was fun to look at the different patterns the squares had made. The only manipulating I did was make all the initial squares 2 different colors. The rest was the quilt speaking for itself.

Abstract Triangle Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

My original plan was to get extra dark gray for the binding, but I wanted something that would have more of a pop without distracting from the quilt itself. I had seen a lot of simple quilts with a striped binding, and I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a stripe to match, but I thought checkered fabric would be equally as cool. Yeah, I LOVE it. There are a lot of other little projects I can’t wait to use the leftover bias tape on too.

Abstract Triangle Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

I decided to go with a dark charcoal for the backing. And I finally checked to see what these blankets are called! So if you’re looking for them at Freddy’s, they’re “microplush” blankets or throws. They’re phenomenal is what they are. They make the blanket extra warm and the softness makes it extra cozy. If you’ve missed my other posts, you can get these on sale for $10, and quite often they have an extra 10% off coupon in the ad. Which means you can get a minky backing for a quilt up to a queen size for $9. (Make sure you get the queen/king size.) Awesome right? I got 2 throw size (50″x60″) out of mine. Their throws are the perfect size for baby quilts, and are usually on sale for $3-$4. That extra warmth is great for little ones born in the cold months too.

My little brother absolutely LOVED this by the way. He kept saying “Ask me if I like it?” “Nope! I LOVE it!” Way to make your sister feel good bud.πŸ˜‰ He’s such a sweetie.

Okay, I’m going to go try to beat this cold and get some rest… HA! Check back tomorrow for another quilt reveal!

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