Ruffle Quilt (Christmas Reveal)

Holy cow! My views suddenly exploded yesterday! Thanks to everyone who have made THIS post so popular. You have certainly made my day if not my week!

On to my next quilt! Quite honestly I had planned on making a copy of my brother’s herringbone quilt, but after 2 HST quilts, I was pretty much done with them for a while. I had already cut out all my print fabric into squares so I wasn’t sure what to do… I thought a quilt of squares with 2 prints and a bunch of white might be a little boring. I hemmed and hawed, and probably over stressed over such a little thing. FINALLY it came to me… Make rows with the prints, ruffle up the white fabric, and sew it in between. I also used the other half of the queen/king size minky blanket from my brother’s quilt. You can do up to a queen size quilt without having to piece any backing for $9! I don’t think you can even buy a yard of minky fabric for that much unless you have a coupon. Lots of quilt basting spray will keep it in place while you’re quilting too, since minky is usually a huge pain to sew with. It make a really soft and thick backing though, so I was pretty excited it worked out so well.:)

Ruffle Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

Hello Gorgeous! This last minute change of plan turned out to be a much better idea than my original me thinks. I adore ruffles. I adore this quilt. I think I need to make one for myself…

ruffle quilt 3

I began quilting this one at my Mom’s and she told me it looked like something you could get at Anthropologie. Um, I think that might be one of the best compliments on my sewing I’ve ever gotten!

Ruffle Quilt 2

My sister-in-law’s favorite color is purple, which I swear is THE hardest color to find fabrics in. I was skeptical I would find anything, but when I saw the gray floral with purple and yellow, I knew it was a winner. Good news is, I have noticed a better non-baby selection of purples in the stores more recently. I also wanted to echo the yellow, and have a nice color pop in the binding, so I chose tiny polka dot fabric, and I love how it turned out.

ruffle quilt 5

I wasn’t sure what to do for the quilting since I could really put any extra stitching along the ruffles. While I was in buying more quilt basting spray (seriously, that stuff needs to come in mega huge bottles…), and I saw some quilting stencils. Quite honestly, I didn’t even know quilting stencils existed until a few weeks ago. It was fairly easy to transfer with a water-soluble pen. The pen did run out of ink however, so thankfully I had a little bit left in one I’d had for an embroidery project. On the top I used two threads threaded through the same needle for extra definition on the quilt top. I love the extra touch of sophistication the leaf pattern adds to the quilt, and it was perfect for stitching down the rows. The pattern is alternated on each row so one goes up and the next goes down. Quilting along the stencil was fairly easy, and even when I didn’t quite follow the line, it still looked great! It probably took me an hour to trace everything out, so it’s not too much work for an awesome result!

ruffle quilt 1

I love those dreamy white ruffles. I think a ruffley something or other needs to be in my near future. As soon as I finish all the other projects on my to-do list! Haha. Okay enough drooling… Have any big plans for the last weekend before school starts again? We’re thinking about painting our bathroom finally. Exciting, right?πŸ˜‰ Have a great weekend!

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