Peekaboo Patterns Pat-A-Cake Romper Release and Review!

It’s been a while… A LONG while. Pretty much I’ve had computer problems for the last 6 months and have lived without my own for a good portion of that. I’m also a super busy Mom of course, and still having other problems with my computer, so I still won’t be blogging as much as I wish I could. BUT I miss sharing the projects I’ve been working on. So here goes. :)

2 weeks ago Amy from the Peekaboo Pattern Shop was looking for pattern testers for a new romper for this year’s summer line. I jumped at the chance and got chosen. (Yay!) I ran to Joanns the next day and found a super cute whale print, got it washed, and then it sat. After several days of feeling yucky I finally sat myself down and went to work.

Pat-a-Cake Romper by Peekaboo Pattern Shop... Romper sewn by Little Waffleflower


This pattern is rated at an “intermediate” level. (Which means I’m at least an intermediate level seamstress, right? That’s exciting!) It was fairly easy and straightforward to put together. There were only a few curved pieces that were a little trickier, and the collar ups the difficulty level. I’m still working on getting mine to line up properly! If you skip the collar and opt for a regular inseam instead of snaps, it might even be okay for someone with a little less experience to sew up. All of the patterns I’ve sewn of Amy’s have been very clear and straight forward with clear pictures and simple directions. With a little running around in between, this only took me a few hours to put together, and really was a breeze.

Pat-a-Cake Romper by Peekaboo Pattern Shop... Romper sewn by Little Waffleflower


The options for the Pat-a-Cake Romper include shorts or full length pants, snap inseam or regular inseam, regular sleeves or puffed sleeves with piping, collar or no collar, and for all patterns, a button/snap placket down the front that was SUPER easy to do. There were also finishing details such as the bias tape on the inside collared piece that help your finished product look more professional and clean. And don’t be intimidated be intimidated, because she makes it SO easy! The pattern is intended to be made from wovens, but some of the testers sewed it in knit and didn’t have any problem. Oh, and get this… It’s sized for newborns to 4T! Yay! A romper pattern that will last longer. I don’t know about you, but I think little kiddos in rompers are just adorable, and now that season of their lives can be extended a little longer. :)

Pat-a-Cake Romper by Peekaboo Pattern Shop... Romper sewn by Little Waffleflower


In case anyone was wondering, Hunter looooved it too. When I put it on him he pointed at the whales and said “Ohhh. The little fishies!” in a very excited and high-pitched 2-year-old voice. (Can you believe he’s 2?!?!) He also had no problem running and climbing and being the wild adventurous boy he normally is while I tried to snap a few pictures before all my energy REALLY ran out. I think the shorts option is perfect for running around in the summer while staying cool and stylish too. The pants options would be nice for cooler days, and I might have to make him a pair once I get some other projects out of the way. Make sure to at least go check out some of the other tester’s pictures on the pattern, and browse around while you’re there. Amy has so many awesome things! If I had more money and more time… ;)

Pat-a-Cake Romper by Peekaboo Pattern Shop... Romper sewn by Little Waffleflower


Here’s the pattern again if you want to go check it out specifically! Check out her other ADORABLE rompers while you’re at it. :)

Pat-a-Cake Romper... Lots of options! Size newborn to 4T

So what kind of awesome things have you been up to lately?


**This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I promise to never promote anything I don’t truly believe in and back 100%! :) This particular pattern was also free in exchange for editing feedback.**





Mario Quilt (Christmas Reveal)

I haven’t really been able to pick a favorite out of all the quilts I made for Christmas, but if I had to choose one, this might be it. Or my Dad’s which is only half finished, so it’s really too early to say…

My brother is a bit of a gamer. By a bit I mean he spends hours on his computer every day. You get him and my oldest brother together and they’ll sit in the same room, with their laptops, shooting comments about the game back and forth. They usually try to get me sucked in too, but alas I have things called children whom need to be fed and bathed and what-not. No more Runescape for me guys. (I think I just revealed how much of a true nerd I am…) Back when we were younger and still banned from playing games on the computer (we had a bad history of games crashing our computer…), we spent our days running around eating mushrooms and flying… on Super Mario 3 that is. ;)

So one day I’m scrolling through Pinterest, and I see this crocheted Mario blanket. Um, hello lightbulb! Since the blanket was made up of individually crocheted squares, I knew I could just cut squares of fabric and piece them together in the same pattern. Easy project, big wow factor. My favorite. ;) Admittedly, I found this less than a week before his birthday and was trying to figure out how I could scramble and throw it together in under a week. Thankfully, my Mom talked me down and convinced me to save it for a Christmas present. 

Mario Quilt by The Little Waffleflower


In case anyone is wondering, I sketched my design on graph paper, separated it into 12 sections. I would work on one section at a time to make a block, and then sewed all my bigger blocks together. Pretty simple! My finished squares were 4″ (4 1/2″ unfinished.) I semi-freehanded the M and circle with a water-soluble pen before quilting. 

Mario Quilt by The Little Waffleflower


I really loved the back and how the quilting pattern really stuck out. This particular kind of minky is fickle to take pictures as you can see here. It really is all one lovely charcoal color, but the camera picked up all the shading from where my hands had run across it. Ah well! (See THIS post for my tip for super cheap minky backing.) I did find this super fantastic fabric right before I pieced the backing together, but it was too late to change at that point… BUT! Not for you if you decide to make one, so I’ll pass it on. This designer on Spoonflower has tons of different designs inspired by the original NES controllers and device, which is what we played Mario on the most.

Mario Quilt by The Little Waffleflower


My brother was a little bit speechless when he opened this bad boy up. By that point he knew he was getting a blanket, but I don’t think this was quite what he expected! If you end up making your own Mario quilt, I would of course love to see it! :) Anyone else have memories of playing Mario or other NES or SNES games as a kid?

Sewing Bucket List For 2014

On Friday Rachel from Family Ever After shared her 2014 sewing goals. It’s inspired me to make my own bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish this year. I’ve had a list bouncing around in my head, but hopefully if I post it here, I’ll remember to look at it and actually get some of these things done! I’ve learned a lot about sewing in the last year, and I hope to keep that ball rolling this year. So here goes…


The Weekender Travel Bag

Bohemian Carpet Bag


Pajamas (for boys)

Hoodies (for boys)

Summer outfits (for boys)

Ties (for boys)

Little girl dress (to put away? haha)

Formal dress (big or small, any volunteers?)

Getaway Blouse

Maxi Skirt



Triangle Quilt

Hexagon Quilt

Strip Quilt (Maybe just start this one, I’m not sure I have enough scraps.)

Paper pieced blocks/quilt

Cathedral Window Wall Hanging or Quilt

Other Stuff

Hot pads

Christmas ornaments/stockings/tree skirt

Cover for sewing machine and serger

Ironing board cover


I’m quite sure there’s more I can’t think of, and a few projects I’m working out myself… So I better beat down the list of projects still hanging around from last year so I can get to work. What are you planning to work on this year? Any new techniques you want to learn or try? I always love hearing what you all are up too! Happy Monday! :)

11 Take-Out Recipes

I have a little confession to make, I’m kind of a take-out junkie. Well, I would be if I had money to fund it. Haha. A while back the hubs and I accidentally started an unofficial tradition of Chinese and a movie every other Friday night. Pretty soon, I started craving Chinese every Friday. Not so great for the waistline or the budget, hmm? I’ve always loved homemade versions of our restaurant favorites, and I decided pretty quickly I better start making that Friday night meal instead. I love being able to control what the ingredients are, and it’s usually cheaper to make it at home! We also have a some sort of Mexican meal at least once a week, and have for ages… So if you’re trying to cut back on eating out (it is that time of year, isn’t it?), or if you just want a fun dinner for less than your favorite restaurant has to offer, then here’s a round-up for you! Okay, everyone should give these a go because they’re easy and delicious. I’ve tried all of these myself and they’ve always gotten rave reviews at our table. You definitely won’t be missing out by staying home, and there aren’t ever any tummy aches afterwards either. :)

11 Take Recipes at The Little Waffleflower


Paleo Orange Chicken {Clean Eating Recipe Box}

Baked Honey Sesame Chicken {The Recipe Critic}

Sweet and Sour Chicken {Brown Eyed Baker}

Sesame Chicken {Brown Eyed Baker}

Easy Fried Rice {The Recipe Critic}

Baked Vegetable Egg Rolls {For the Love of Cooking}

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas {The Little Waffleflower}

Taco Pizza {The Pioneer Woman}

DIY Soft Flour Tortillas {Smells Like Home}

Crockpot “Refried” Beans {Pennies and Pancakes}


Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday! :)

Thankful Thursday

I know it’s technically not Thursday anymore, but I didn’t get a chance to share yesterday. Better late than never!

Today I’m most thankful for moments.

I’m thankful for funny moments in the hair salon when a spunky 5-year-old tells his stylist everyone will think he looks stylish now.  I am most especially thankful that he allows her to cut his hair after he began refusing to allow Mom, Dad, Grandma, etc. to do it at home.  I’m thankful that the cute girl who cuts his hair eats up his constant talking and random thoughts and thinks he’s just a doll.

I am thankful for silly moments shared over frozen yogurt.  There’s not much frozen yogurt and silly faces can’t cure!

I am thankful for moments of thought and reflection on car rides, even if they’re short and broken up by constant questions from the back seat.

I am thankful for moments of surprise when you discover your favorite local pizza place has gluten-free crust and its GOOD! I am thankful that we can still enjoy a night out as a family despite our little munchkins recently discovered gluten intolerance.

I am also thankful for quiet moments at the end of the day when the world just melts away for a few minutes and there’s a chance to breathe and unwind from the day.

And since I can’t post about being thankful without posting a ton about my kids, I’m thankful for silly smiles, laughter, and the funny things kids say. Have a great Friday everyone! :)

Girly Pink Quilt (Christmas Reveal)

This was the easiest quilt I did for my massive Christmas endeavor. My little sis LOVES anything hot pink. My specialty! My favorite colors are actually blue and green, but I buy everything in pink. I have a pink blow dryer, pink notebooks, and I even bought a pink phone case. Hmmm… I think I just need a little girl to have an outlet for my pink things obsession. A girl can dream, right? :)

As I’m sure most of you sewist, quilters, etc. know, pink fabric is abundantly  available! I totally scored and got some of these prints out of the “red tag” clearance section at Joann’s, and they had a 50% sale going. I think that made most of these around $2-$3 per yard. I love a good bargain!

Pink Square Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

Unfortunately, I under estimated how much fabric I would need. Lesson learned, always buy more than you think! Luckily, I had some coordinating prints in my stash and it worked out perfectly. :)

Pink Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

Since the large squares made a fairly simple pattern, I wanted to add some pizzazz with some fun quilting. I used hot pink thread and did some large loops. I have to admit, at first I thought I’d made a HUGE mistake with the pink thread, but by the time I finished, I was much happier with it. You might be noticing a pattern here… I usually hate my project somewhere in the middle and want to scrap it. Thankfully the thought of ripping all that stitching out was enough to keep me from doing it. Haha.

Pink Quilt 4

I went with a teal blue backing for this one. Fred Meyer switched to their Christmas blankets right when I went to buy them, so my color selection was severely limited. It worked out great though, and the contrast is fun don’t you think? I used the same binding as I did for my sister-in-laws Ruffle Quilt. I accidentally cut it too wide, so I had to press it by hand, and the extra width threw me a little when I was stitching it on. It still looks fine, but it was a little wonky in places. She still loved it and that’s really all that matters to me. :) (And for the record, it is actually square, but the picture below makes it look not so much. I was so thrilled when all my corners were matching up on my quilts as I folded them… That’s not always been the case in the past!)

Pink Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

I’ve loved hearing about some of the other Christmas projects you did for your families. You all have some pretty inspiring stuff! Keep sharing what you’ve done! I hope you’re having a lovely week. For those who are in the middle of the nasty weather, stay warm! Our prayers go out to you. :)

Abstract Triangle Quilt (Christmas Reveal

My family is sharing yet another round of sickies. Yay.. I think I’ve had enough head colds to last me a lifetime plus some. Thankfully today I’m starting to feel a little better and I can actually form thoughts.

Anywho, you’re here for the quilt right? Trying to find something for this particular brother drove me crazy. He’s in that weird transitional phrase where he’s still a kid but doesn’t like kiddish things. I also absolutely hate trying to find prints for boys. Solution? Use solid colors. Obvious right? The problem is I have this inability to keep things simple. My Mom apologized to my hubby for the amount of time it took me to make all the quilts, and said when she recommended it she imagined simple squares, and each blanket being done in an afternoon or two. My brother promptly responded, “Not in this family!” I don’t know where the deep-rooted perfectionist streak comes from, but my brain works in over-the-top plans and I still hem and haw over the minor imperfections. It’s my goal this year to ease up on that and try my best and accept whatever that is.

Back to the quilt. I literally put off buying the fabric for this one as long as I could because I just had no idea what to do. Finally I decided I would do some sort of triangle quilt in yellow, black, gray, and perhaps white, the first 2 being his favorite colors. So I moseyed on over to my quilting board on Pinterest. I saw this quilt and nearly jumped off my chair in joy. It was exactly what I was looking for! I also realized that a LOT of the quilts I had pinned at that point where from Crafty Blossom. I am officially in love with just about everything she does and loved just flipping through her site. I also loved her simple approach to quiltling with straight lines, and used it for this quilt and several others.

Abstract Triangle Quilt by The Little Waffle Flower

This was my 2nd quilt made with HST. I seriously need to do some more research into those and see why they were such a big pain in the butt. Or maybe they ARE just a big pain in the butt. Haha. I usually find ironing relaxing. Ironing half square triangles however makes me quite crazy. Maybe someday we can develop a more loving friendship… They make such cool quilts!

Abstract Triangle Quilt by the Little Waffleflower

The really fun part about this quilt was I got to be completely random and it made itself awesome. It was fun to look at the different patterns the squares had made. The only manipulating I did was make all the initial squares 2 different colors. The rest was the quilt speaking for itself.

Abstract Triangle Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

My original plan was to get extra dark gray for the binding, but I wanted something that would have more of a pop without distracting from the quilt itself. I had seen a lot of simple quilts with a striped binding, and I absolutely loved it. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find a stripe to match, but I thought checkered fabric would be equally as cool. Yeah, I LOVE it. There are a lot of other little projects I can’t wait to use the leftover bias tape on too.

Abstract Triangle Quilt by The Little Waffleflower

I decided to go with a dark charcoal for the backing. And I finally checked to see what these blankets are called! So if you’re looking for them at Freddy’s, they’re “microplush” blankets or throws. They’re phenomenal is what they are. They make the blanket extra warm and the softness makes it extra cozy. If you’ve missed my other posts, you can get these on sale for $10, and quite often they have an extra 10% off coupon in the ad. Which means you can get a minky backing for a quilt up to a queen size for $9. (Make sure you get the queen/king size.) Awesome right? I got 2 throw size (50″x60″) out of mine. Their throws are the perfect size for baby quilts, and are usually on sale for $3-$4. That extra warmth is great for little ones born in the cold months too.

My little brother absolutely LOVED this by the way. He kept saying “Ask me if I like it?” “Nope! I LOVE it!” Way to make your sister feel good bud. ;) He’s such a sweetie.

Okay, I’m going to go try to beat this cold and get some rest… HA! Check back tomorrow for another quilt reveal!